Monday, June 28, 2010

Gardening Fun! OH BOY!

Holy Gardens, Batman!
I'm really excited! I CAN HAZ CUCUMBER!!! Most of the plants in my garden box were purchased as seedlings from an Organic Farm in Warwick, NY. Having the "black thumb" as I do, I totally freaked out when Summer told me, "Mom... you know you have a cucumber in the garden?" WOOOHOOOO! YAYYYY ME! I told Summer to go grab the camera and out to the back yarn we went! Imagine my surprise when I saw a 2.5" pickling cucumber hangin' out!

These are the baby Tomatoes... Heck if I can remember if this plant is the larger variety or the grape sized... I know I have both! LOL
This is our slightly larger tomatoe on a different plant. I reallllly want to say that these are the "Yellow Pear" variety. I know I bought those too... heheh

What the....?!
Can this possibly be my daughters? Both working to pull the tiniest weeds from the box? Elizabeth! I'm comin', Honey! This is the big one!!!
Life has been wicked hectic lately, what with the school year coming to an end, my sister being pregnant and having a slightly detached placenta, her issues with the male figure that was in her life and my Slickster seeming to come down with ear infections.... The poor boy's inner ears are rather red and...get this...he now has a blister on his peepee... Yeah.. things are not going according to *my* plan.. LOL Do they ever though?
Murphy's Law - "Whatever can go wrong... Will..."
Yep.. I'm feelin' that!

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