Monday, June 21, 2010

So... here I am again! My younger sister, Christin, is having a baby! She's due on or around October 15th of this year and I'm knitting an entire wardrobe for my new neice! The picture above is a set I've done of a Soaker and matching raglan cable sweater!
Close up of the soaker skirt!

This is a pattern that iI found on Ravelry, called "Samantha". It was mildly fiddly, due to the smocking, since I'd not done it before, but it's really coming out beautifully. I do have to finish weaving ends and the picot edging on the bottom. I know that Black is not a usual colour for knitting for babies.. but I never promised the usual .

Close up of the Raglan Cable short sleeve sweater to go with the soaker skirt.
I have come to truly love my knitting, as I've said in prior posts. The fact that I can take a couple of sticks (usually attached by a cable) and some string...and make entire wardrobes for not only babies, but for everyone that I come across, it's really kinda mind boggling.
Some people calling knitting their "Zen", or their "meditation". I call it my sanity. There is something so pleasing in being able to truly create something of give it to infuse within it all the love and affection that I have for that person... Even the most simple pair of socks are a warm hug ... made especially for that person... from me.
Alot goes into my knitting... Alot of heart... alot of soul. A piece of myself (and usually some of my actual hair) goes into each tiny work of art. I only gift my knitting to those who have shown a true appreciation for it... If it's going to be thrown away, or if that person honestly doesn't like it..I'd rather take it back and give them something else...then to have a few MONTHS of work end up in a trash heap, or a salvation army bin somewhere. Too much goes into it for it to be simply thrown away.
Keep this in mind if someone offers you something...anything...handmade. So much goes into whatever that person made..its an insult to just chuck it out...even if it IS butt-ugly

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